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Los Angeles Drug Lawyers- California leads the nation in drug offense incarceration. This means that despite California’s “laid back” reputation, you can still face heavy penalties for drug charges in Southern California.

Most drug offenses resulting in a conviction in Los Angeles will result in prison time and substantial fines. Possession with intent to distribute, deliver, or manufacture is punished more harshly.

If convicted for possession of narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, crack, GHB, or unlawfully obtained Vicodin or other prescription drugs in Los Angeles, you may face a maximum of three years in California state prison. Other factors in your Los Angeles drug case could result in harsher sentencing including whether you have a prior criminal conviction, were in possession of a firearm, and more.

If you have been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, a conviction could lead anywhere from three to seven years in prison. A conviction could also result in fines up to $50,000. If you have prior convictions or were also charged with gun possession or selling drugs to minors, years could be added to your sentence.

Los Angeles Drug Lawyers

Our Southern California criminal defense attorney team understands California drug laws and will review your case to ensure the best possible outcome. Fortunately, California has several alternatives to mandatory prison time for drug offenders. Being eligible for some of these programs has a lot to do with your criminal record and the ability of your attorney to represent you in court. If you are facing drug charges in Los Angeles or other parts of California, our attorney’s can fight for some of these alternatives to mandatory prison time such as deferred judgement or drug treatment.

There are many possible defenses to drug charges in California. Because the laws regarding how searches and seizures are conducted are complicated, one of the most important aspects of a drug case in California is how the evidence was seized by the police. Our attorneys will want to review your case and ensure that none of your rights were violated during your arrest.

The sooner you hire a Los Angeles Drug Attorney, the more options will be available for a possible defense. Our California Criminal Defense Attorneys will fight to help you get through this difficult situation. A drug related conviction, no matter the drug class nor quantity, can result in a life long negative impact on your personal and professional life. Let one of our criminal defense attorneys at help you navigate this complex system. We specifically work with clients who make too much money to qualify for a Public Defender and yet, cannot afford the Over Priced law firms. We understand how to defend drug charges in Los Angeles and can help you receive the best possible outcome for your case.



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Los Angeles Drug Lawyers
Los Angeles Drug Lawyers