Criminal Defense Lawyer Directory

Maximum 5 attorneys in each city, unlike a lot of other popular directories
A low cost criminal defense marketing investment.
We’re working hard to get you at least one
paying client within 12 months.

Lawyer Directory

Total Investment = 12 months @ $100 / a month


Lead Generation

Lead Generation

A viable lead generation solution.
Leverage our criminal defense platform
for more visits to your website or blog.

Targeted Traffic

Benefit from our strong online presence. Clients are looking for your specific
service. They know what they want.

Affordable Lawyer Marketing


Less than $7 a day. A daily fee that's less
than your lunch at a few national
sandwich establishments.

Who is it for?

This directory is for criminal defense attorneys who are looking to scale their business without having to take out a second mortgage.

Criminal Defense Marketing

criminal defense lawyer directory

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeline of any business. Together we can create a winning acquisition plan for your practice.


Everyone has a role to play. You litigate and we market.
Together we can cross the finish line first.

Criminal Defense Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will the Link be Live

24-48 hours

Facebook or Instagram OK

Yes you can.

How Many Attorneys Per City

5 Attorneys in each city

Discount For Multiple Years

Yes - $2,175 for two years