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About 6 years ago we started a criminal defense website. When creating it, our intent was to generate leads, then turn around and contact attorneys with the new found information. We primarily placed our ads on small local ad sites. (Free)

Currently, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods have us ranking in major search engines for highly competitive criminal defense keywords. As of today, we are in 11 different states and counting.

And guess what? We can do it for you as well.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Directory

Here are some of the keywords we have ranked thus far:

New York  Drug Attorney page #1 | (73 million results)

Affordable Drug Attorneys in Los Angeles page #2 

California DUI Lawyer page #1

Affordable DUI Lawyer in Tempe page #2

Texas Criminal Lawyers page #2

San Francisco Drug Attorneys page #1

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Philadelphia page #4

               Baltimore Criminal Attorney page #3

               Colorado Domestic Violence Attorneys  page #1

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