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About 5 years ago we started a criminal defense website. When creating it, our intent was to generate leads, then turn around and contact attorneys with the new found information. We primarily placed our ads on small local ad sites. (Free)

Currently, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods have us ranking in major search engines for highly competitive criminal defense keywords. As of today, we are in 10 different states and counting.

And guess what? We can do it you as well.

Learn Easy to implement SEO strategies

Make your website search engine friendly.

How much money would you bring in each month, if your website or video showed up on page one of Google?

With our proven SEO strategies, you to can be seen by potential clients on page 1.

We’re not promoting some get your website to page 1 overnight thing.

If you are willing to explore PROVEN search engine methodologies, we can definitely help your law firm with it’s search engine visibility.

Does your SEO methods get results?  That is what you really want to know.

We are competitively placed in Google for MAJOR search terms.

Google receives 75% of all internet searches – that’s three out of four searches online

Here are some of the keywords we have ranked thus far:

New York City Drug Attorney page #1 | (24 million results)

Drug Lawyer Los Angeles page #1 |

West Palm Criminal Lawyer page #1

California DUI Lawyer page #1

DUI Attorneys in SO CA page #1

DUI Lawyer Tempe page #1

Texas Criminal Lawyers page #1

San Francisco Drug Attorneys page #1

Atlanta DUI Attorney Page #2

SO CA Drug Lawyers page #1 ( 38 million results)

Aurora Criminal Defense Attorneys good for two states CO & IL page #1

DUI Attorney Orlando page#1 (1.6 million results)

Fort Myers DUI Lawyers

  We are really excited about growing on the continuous SEO journey and hopefully, encouraging, and maybe even coaching  other legal SEO’s or Small Businesses along the way.

If anyone is interested in following the journey and receiving a (Free Local SEO White Paper) please comment below “Local SEO”