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About 6 years ago we created a criminal defense marketing platform to connect the community with experienced criminal defense attorneys. When creating it, our intent was, as it is today, to help the communities we serve find quality criminal defense representation, at an affordable price. Back then we primarily placed our ads on small local ad sites and used a lot of word of mouth marketing strategies.

As a result, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods has given us an opportunity to rank in several major cities for highly competitive criminal defense keywords. Currently, we rank in 11 different states and counting, on pages 1 through 4 in Google for various criminal defense keywords.

In conclusion, this allows us to assist several different communities across the country.

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We are professional criminal defense marketing experts who will demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism.

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We don't just identify the problems, we offer viable solutions that can help achieve your criminal defense objective.


We are experienced and have been doing this kind of works years. Let us help you with your criminal defense matter.

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